In the spring of 2006, in city of Vadul lui Voda was formed the "Artcord" (Heart of Art - in Latin) association which aimed to organize cultural events in the area.


Remembering the years 1991-1992, when it was impossible to come to the beautiful banks of the old Nistru river, at the recreational area here, to rest, as it was in times of the armed transnistrian conflict, there  appeared the idea to organize a festival with an opposite meaning then the one of the unfortunate events - a festival that would bring us together again, one that would promote peace and human intertolerance.

Taking a historical example, as was the famous U.S. Woodstock festival which already has legendary status, we decided to follow this trail and organize  here in Moldova something similar.


Moreover: It seemed very good idea to make a direct parallel by merging the names of two cityes - Vadul lui Voda and Woodstock, which formed the current name of our festival – Vadul lui Woodstock.


We decided  that at the event is necessarily to invite artists and spectators from both banks of the Nistru river.

We went to different organizations with our project, and eventually managed to find support from the OSCE mission, U.S. Embassy, ​​German Embassy in Moldova, ​​from Chisinau City Hall and, obviously, from Vadul lui Voda Town Hall.

We where supported by several businesses and individuals. Especially “Cazacu & CO " LDT," Samotlor Gaz "," JLC ", " Zambet "LTD, etc.. 


A number of media in the country gave us an wide informational support.


During the festival we organize an “NGO fair” from the country and they come to take this opportunity and promote their work between the spectators.


There was a great effort by those from the "CreDO" - Resource Center for Human Rights, Amnesty International Moldova, "SalvaEco", "Ethos", but also many other non-governmental organizations.

Association “Ins Production” has made a considerable effort to organize the first edition.


On August 11 the festival began near the restaurant "Cazacu's Inn" beside the beach in Vadul lui Voda.

Year after year the festival grows  and now We are at it’s fifth edition.


He has already become a brand in the artistic and civic life in Moldova.